1. How do I place my name on the waiting list for an apartment?
If you are interested in becoming a resident we only need to add your name and phone number to our waiting list. When a room becomes available and your name has moved to the top of the list, we will contact you. If you are not interested at that time you may turn down the room and your name will go to the bottom of the list.

2. Is a deposit necessary if I take an apartment?
We do not require a deposit. When you agree to rent an available room your first months’ rent becomes due, prorated if not at the first of the month.

3. Do I have to sign a lease for a year or more?
No, your rent is paid month by month on the first of every month.

4. How long will it take to get an apartment?
We are usually full to capacity; therefore it is difficult to know when a room will become available.

5. Do you have nursing staff?
No. We are an independent living facility, and you will be responsible for your own health care and medications.

6. Does someone clean my room for me?
Your apartment is your responsibility to keep clean.

7. What if I want a different size room then what is offered to me?
We can only offer what we have available. Current residents are given first opportunity for available rooms or suites.